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Exact Macola specializes in Microsoft-based technology solutions for growth-oriented small and mid-sized companies, with revenues ranging from $2 million to $400 million.

Macola Progression Series 7.6 is a complete ERP, financial, and distribution package.

More than 5,000 companies worldwide operate their businesses using Macola Software.

Macola's use of 32-bit technology offers increased application performance, speed, and throughput for better multitasking capabilities and support for concurrent tasks.

Macola's signature product, Progression Series 7.6, is a client/server application designed to combine robust functionality with flexibility and scalability.

Exact Software's Macola Progression Series business management solutions, Accounting, Distribution, Manufacturing, and e-commerce, are designed to meet the business application software needs of the small to midsize enterprise. Listed below is an overview of Progression Series 7.6 solutions designed to give you the tools to help grow your business.

Progression e-Commerce These e-Business components let you inexpensively reach out to customers around the globe---and around the clock. e-commerce delivers industry-leading tools for building sales, reducing costs and making your company more efficient in a Web-enabled world.

Accounting The Progression Accounting Solution is the financial backbone for a complete e-Business solution. The accounting solution provides seamless integration and comprehensive drill downs to provide quick and easy access to all of your financial information.

Manufacturing Exact's Progression Series provides a comprehensive suite of applications designed for the Make To Stock, Make To Order, Assemble to Order and Mixed - Mode manufacturing environments. Material Planning & Control (MPC) The intent of MPC is to provide a manufacturing planning and control system that includes full material planning capabilities. The MPC solution is for companies that are quick turn, material intensive manufacturers. MPC is a solution that allows the company to gain the benefits of material planning and control without the cost or effort to maintain a more traditional shop floor environment.

Enterprise Manufacturing Progression's Enterprise manufacturing suite of modules includes full material and resource planning, manufacturing execution and analysis targeted at companies that are operation intensive, work- in- process environments where both material and labor contribute significantly to the cost of goods sold.

Progression Integration & Customization Tools Lets you access our products' powerful customization capabilities, and offer seamless integration with industry-standard tools and applications.

Exact Forms Exact offers more than basic business forms. In addition to custom printed forms, Exact also produces envelopes, window envelopes, and letterhead in laser and continuous feed labels customized to meet your business needs.

Progression Human Resources & Payroll Progression provides a choice when selecting Human Resources and Payroll solutions. If your needs are simple and you place a priority on integration, then the Progression Integrated Payroll and Human Resource solution is for you.

Distribution The Progression Series Distribution solution meets the needs of expanding businesses. Superior inventory control, accurate customer order processing, efficient procurement functions, and data collection applications provide real time information to insure information is accurate to the second.

Advanced Materials Management The Progression Advanced Materials Management Solution helps your organization run more effectively by automating business processes and managing quality, product cost and material usage.

Business Intelligence Tools Queries and reports provide critical, at-a-glance views into the business at a given moment. Exact offers Business Intelligence tools to give users the ability to access information to make better business decisions.

System Manager The Progression Series System Manager is the module behind the scenes administering and integrating your e-Business solution. System Manager controls critical system wide features such as security, reporting periods, tax periods, form design and user defined searches to name a few.

When you purchase Exact's Progression Series, we offer you a choice between two of the most dominant databases in the market today: Microsoft SQL and Pervasive Software. Both of these databases are industry-standard, ODBC compliant, and provide a secure and stable platform to manage your business. System Manager - Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft's version of SQL functions as a relational database tightly integrated with the Microsoft Windows NT & 2000 operating systems. SQL Server offers unparalleled advantages to manufacturers and distributors, especially in the areas of:

  • Performance - accesses data very quickly and efficiently
  • Scalability - take advantage of the flexibility to add more users or more processors to meet your growing business needs.
  • Ease of Use - Ease of installation, centralized management capabilities, and wizards that automate common administrative functions all add up to improved ease of use.
  • Security/Reliability - when security is important, Progression SQL excels at providing multiple layers of security.

System Manager - Pervasive SQL Developed by Pervasive Software, the Pervasive SQL database is one of the most widely deployed database engines on the market, Progression's applications have been available on the Pervasive database since 1989. Pervasive is ODBC compliant, and it provides users with a wide range of flexibility and data integrity. Fully supported in both 16-bit and 32-bit environments, Pervasive SQL is excellent for small to mid-sized firms that desire a high-speed, low cost database.

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