What do the following companies have in common?

Arcadia Chair - Minson Corporation

Michels & Company - Wesley Allen -

Diamond Mattress





All of these companies are furniture manufacturers, using software supported by Computer Solutions.

Customer Service
Strategic Advantage for U.S. Furniture Manufacturers

Furniture Factory
Software specifically designed to meet this need

Furniture Factory is software specifically written for furniture manufacturers to enhance customer service.

Customer Service can mean many things:

  • The agility to produce new items faster for
    the market.
  • The knowledge of where the customer’s order
    is in the manufacturing process.
  • Better inventory control, reducing investment
    and lowering costs.
  • Ability to quickly deal with the complexities
    of color, finish, fabric and size.


  • Option selection process specifically designed
    for furniture manufacturers
  • No need to maintain 1000s of
    bills of material
  • Better tracking of sales orders
    through the production process
  • Easily visible start date and
    completion dates of orders
  • Comprehensive pricing matrix to
    handle multiple distribution channels
  • Robust accounting and distribution features
  • Electronic Data Interchange and Bar Coding
Special Features for Importers
  • Landed Cost Calculations
  • Currency Manager Module

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