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Furniture Factory Industry Specific Features

Shared Color/Fabric/Finish Table

The heart of many furniture businesses is the ability to configure to order the final product for the customer. Furniture Factory Software features a strong product configurator to handle the many possible style/color/fabric/finish combinations. There is no need to maintain a separate bill of material for each configuration. This avoids the common problem of adding a new fabric to your catalog requiring that you must enter this data for each combination possible within your accounting system. The configurator even supports default selections (color, fabric, etc.) and exceptions (combinations not allowed) for each style in your system.

Furniture Factory software addresses this critical design flaw by permitting you to enter or delete new fabric/color/finish choices in one table that is accessible to all SKUs.  This feature alone saves an immense amount of time and permits the manufacturer to be agile in responding to market demands.

Customer's Own Material

Very few software packages deal with this common issue in the furniture industry.   In general, it is quite difficult to follow the flow of customer owned materials.  Furniture Factory Software prints the customer specific material descriptions on the Sales Order, Order Acknowledgement, Production Work Order, Pick Ticket, Packing List, and Invoice. Open order reports and history drilldowns show the detail of color/fabric/finish

Fabric Grade Pricing

Many furniture manufacturers use a graded system to establish pricing structures for their wholesale and retail product lines.

Furniture Factory software permits you to easily define the various grade levels of fabrics and the surcharges added when jumping fabric grades.

A matrix is created that permits you to specify the surcharge based on the type of item and the fabric grade level relative to the base grade. For example: A sofa incurs a surcharge of $25 per fabric grade, a chair incurs a surcharge of $15 per fabric grade, etc.

This results in streamlined customer service and order entry, as well as reducing potential pricing errors.

Fabric & Frame Shortage Reports

Nothing causes more inefficiency for the production planner than to release orders to the shop floor and later discover that all of the fabric and/or frames necessary to complete the order are not available.

Furniture Factory software incorporates a production shortage report that explodes the gross requirements necessary for sales orders in the system. This report compares, in an intuitive manner: the quantity on hand, quantity allocated, and quantity on order of fabric and/or frames to determine if shortfalls of components exist.

Use of this information permits corrective action to keep the shop floor moving more smoothly.

Shop Routings

Furniture Factory Software has the ability to track the progress of orders throughout your shop. You set up the appropriate departments for your business (cutting, sewing, packing, etc.) where you wish to have visibility of the shop order progress. On one screen you will be able to see, by department, the quantity scheduled, the quantity completed, and actual labor hours expended. Optional Bar Code scanning of the work order travelers speeds data entry.

Customer Order Status Drilldown

How many times have you had a customer call to inquire about the status of their order and you had no easy method to tell them where it is in your production process?

Furniture Factory Software provides a quick and easy method to access this information within the computer system.  Furniture Factory Software incorporates a simplified departmental routing (supported by optional bar code scanning) that permits you to tell the customer whether their order is in framing, cutting, sewing, etc. at the click of a computer mouse.  Full detail is provided regarding the configuration of the order such as fabric, finish, fringe, etc.

Customer service is greatly enhanced and unproductive time spent trying to manually determine the order status is significantly reduced.

Trial Scheduling by Order Date, Item Number, or Route

Furniture Factory Software incorporates an easy to manipulate Trial Scheduling capability for your production schedule.

You may choose which orders to trial schedule based a combination of order date, item number or route.  Once selected, a frame and fabric shortage report can be automatically generated to determine if sufficient raw materials will be on hand.

This trial capability permits the scheduler to balance plant capacity, minimize material and frame changeover, and meet least amount route delivery considerations.

Computer Solutions is constantly working with furniture manufacturers to improve the feature set of Furniture Factory Software. Please feel free to call us at 626-303-2006 to discuss your needs.

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