Exact Macola 10

Macola ES is the only ERP solution designed for the mid-market with native Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities, including powerful exception management tools. It's a state-of-the-art ERP solution that truly helps manage and unify the entire enterprise. Using Macola ES, processes and exceptions are defined by management, automated, and used to enable far more consistent and efficient execution of business policies. With Macola ES, most customers find that they improve their revenue per employee ratio while delivering higher levels of customer service and accuracy.

Macola ES includes applications that manage accounting, distribution and manufacturing activities as well as workflow, document management, human resources management, customer relationship management and project management. Macola ES is a revolutionary application that is web-based and operates in a Microsoft SQL environment. It is easy to implement and use and has the ability to accommodate rapid growth and change requirements. ES provides unprecedented levels of organizational visibility, control and measurement. Exact Software's greatest innovation with Macola ES is that we enable our customers to innovate!

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Macola ES Components
Core Applications: