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Both internal demands and competitive pressure have necessitated a consolidated view of the workplace, leading to event management solutions becoming mandatory in today's business environment.

Most event management solutions define the events important to your organization, but with Exact Event Manager, from Exact Software, you get to define not only the events, but the actions you would like to take in response.

With Exact Event Manager , you can define specific events within your ODBC compliant data source that need monitoring. If the event occurs, or passes, it can trigger multiple responses, ranging from automating Exact e-Synergy workflow, to sending an email, pager message or even generating reports.

Benefits derived from Exact Event Manager include.

  • Eliminate manual tasks and human error
  • Generate early awareness and detection of problems
  • Align individual actions to priorities
  • Provide immediate and accurate information to key personnel
  • Ensure real-time inventory management, order tracking and billing
  • Increase focus on revenue priorities and cost reduction initiatives
  • Improve management and efficiency throughout your organization

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